Top 15 Fresh Topics for Your Next Argumentative Research Paper

Argumentative and persuasive research papers are very similar assignment types. Both require the selection of a topic and their theses should be supported with strong arguments that will bring your ideas to the readers.

It is not that hard to write an argumentative research paper, but finding good and fresh topics that will draw readers’ interest can be really tough. You have to be very attentive to find good ideas that will result in an attractive essay that will get you a good grade.

The following factors play a decisive role in the selection of an appropriate argumentative research topic:

  • Choose a controversial topic, since it is easier to state your point of view.

  • Find topics that can be supported with a variety of arguments.

  • Write about something that you are passionate about.

  • Use quotes of famous people to find inspiration for writing.

  • Select a sensitive topic as it can stir up compassion in readers.

  • Read the lists of topics to obtain new sources of ideas.

  • Find reliable sources of data.

Here is a list of fifteen fresh topics that can be used for your next argumentative research paper. You can easily pick one of these topics or create a new theme on the basis of the existing ones.

  1. Are people becoming more dependent on technology?

  2. Compulsory drug testing should be conducted during any type of job interview.

  3. We should make voting compulsory because voting apathy has bad consequences for elections.

  4. Should new types of assessment be developed instead of the existing examination system?

  5. Should we blame fast-food restaurants for obesity or is each person responsible for his or her health?

  6. Can a large number of ads cause various types of addiction such as tobacco or alcohol addiction?

  7. Is physical punishment considered a good means of raising kids?

  8. Investments into space programs can lead to new discoveries for humanity.

  9. How can alternative sources of energy protect our nature from decadence?

  10. Can labor among kids be considered an effective means of study?

  11. Social networks alienate people from each other because of lack of direct contact.

  12. Are men and women equal in their family responsibilities?

  13. Are taxes killing the economy of the country and can they be reduced?

  14. How people can avoid conflicts between the representatives of various religions?

  15. Should the government establish a mandatory recycling policy?
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