The Top 25 Good Research Paper Topics for College Students

A good research paper topic is the one that interests you and on which you can produce a decent research. Looking for an original and never-used-before topic is not always the best strategy. Most underexplored research topics remain that because it is extremely difficult to find adequate sources for them.

Feel free to pick for your college paper a topic that seems too “generic” as long as you can deliver a quality research on it. What will be graded is not your ability to ask unusual questions but your ability to collect relevant information, analyze, and discuss.

Keep reading to discover some of the most interesting and feasible college research topics. For your convenience, they are broken by topic areas, including economics, law, politics, sociology, and education.


  1. Can stock market indexes be used as a measure of economic development?
  2. Are monetary policies working for the US?
  3. Is mixed economy (incorporating the elements of socialism) better than pure capitalist economy?
  4. How strong is the relationship between a student’s SAT scores and family income?
  5. Can traditional marketing be completely replaced by online marketing?


  1. Should juveniles be punished as adults for most serious crimes?
  2. How effective are character education programs to prevent criminal behaviors in teens?
  3. Should prisons focus on punishment or rehabilitation of criminals?
  4. Should parents be forbidden to smoke in presence of their children?
  5. What is the most appropriate punishment for rape?


  1. Should the government take national polls before starting military operations in other countries?
  2. How can the financing of election campaigns be made more transparent?
  3. Is the anti-ballistic missile treaty beneficial for the US?
  4. How does the US budget deficit influence the world’s balance of powers?
  5. What political powers have the strongest support among young people?


  1. Is alienation a major social problem?
  2. Is the concept of traditional family outdated and incompatible with today’s realities?
  3. Can social media help solve communicational problems?
  4. Should kids be informed on animal rights more extensively?
  5. Should teenagers be discouraged to date before 16?


  1. Have computers and calculators eliminated the need of most conventional learning skills?
  2. Should LGBT issues be taught at schools?
  3. How can the education system be reformed in order to become less stressful to students?
  4. Should schools and colleges be responsible for building healthy eating habits in students?
  5. Do homeschoolers show better results when entering college?
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