Where To Get A Good Abstract For An APA Research Paper

The definition of an abstract is pretty simple. When you write you are summarizing the main topic of the research paper, the intent behind writing it, and giving the reader a brief snapshot of what is in the content. The abstract can be thought of as the introduction to the research paper itself. If the paper is published in a scholarly journal, the abstract lets the reader know more about the paper. That person can decide whether or not to continue reading. You will need an abstract as part of the APA research paper. The good news is that an abstract is ordinarily no more than 350 to 400 words.

  • Go Online with Your Search
  • You may be tempted to take a look at examples of abstracts online and there’s nothing wrong with that. Do not try to copy an existing abstract and call it your own. The powers that be are wise to that game and use Copyscape to check for blatant plagiarism. It is better to have an understanding of how to draft an abstract.

    Section 2.04 of the Publications Manual contains some very good guidelines on how to prepare an abstract. If your instructor or department have their own specific guidelines, by all means follow those directives. Keep in mind the overall objective for writing an abstract in the first place. In a short paragraph of no more than 252 to 400 words you are telling the reader what to expect when the pages turned. The wisdom found inside the research paper will be uncovered in the body of the text. All you are doing with the abstract is presenting an indication of what is to come.

  • Formatting Is Important
  • Do not be surprised if you see instructions and guidelines on formatting as part of the assignment. The abstract as part of the entire APA research paper could be something that is published. You should follow any formatting directive because that will increase the chances of publication (conversely, ignoring the formatting could very well stop the presses as far as your paper is concerned).

  • Noting Keywords is a Good Plan
  • A good way to get your research paper noticed is to have at the bottom of your abstract keywords from the paper itself. This enables researchers to find your work if they are doing a search engine query. That is a definite bonus for you. Even though what you’re doing is fulfilling the requirements of the assignment, your work might be published and it deserves notice. Any e-commerce marketing person will tell you how important keywords are. Use them to your advantage.

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