Expert Suggestions On How To Write A Research Paper

Writing a wonderful research paper does not have to be difficult. In fact, research paper writing is essentially all about understanding a formula and format and stick to it. The best way to master research paper writing is to memorize and stick to the consistent formula. This will help to guarantee that you ace your research paper every-single time.

What is The Standard Research Paper Format?

The standard research paper format includes the following components: thesis statement, hypothesis, procedure, research method, observations, conclusion, and sources cited. By including these components and completing each section you can guarantee that you have included all of the important components to do well on your research paper project.

  • Thesis Statement- this is where you state what your paper is about in one bold sentence. It is also where you introduce your main research points and what you intend to achieve by conducting your research.
  • Hypothesis- this is where you make an educated guess about what you will discover during your research. You don’t want to make any assumptions, back your hypothesis up using facts or common knowledge.
  • Procedure- this is where you outline your research method and describe in detail what you intend to do. Even if your research paper is simply to read and write about the findings of other experts- this process should be stated here.
  • Research Method- Along with your procedure you also want to explain you research method. If you are conducting an experiment this should be described here.
  • Observations- Observations are different than the procedure because they include things that you noticed during your research. Observations should always be included even if you are just documenting someone else’s findings. Here you can list common trends, or patterns. When conducting an experiment your observations should describe exactly what you observed during said experiment process.
  • Conclusion- Finally, once you have completed your research you should end with any concluding remarks. The conclusion should reflect directly back to your thesis statement and hypothesis. It should clearly explain what you have learnt in your research and confirm whether or not further research is needed. The conclusion is also where you wrap up your paper and end on high note. Anything that needs to be said about the research project can be included here.
  • Sources Cited- This is also an important part of the research paper formula. Make sure that you have correctly cited all of the sources that you used and formatted them correctly.
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