Quick Tips On How To Write A College Research Paper In The APA Format

It is always prudent to write research papers in abidance with a settled format. APA and MLA are two preferred formats; the former works for opinionated subjects and the latter for exact science subjects.

Now, if you need to write a college research paper following the APA format, here are the keys –

  • Create the outline – You need to plan the size and structure of Introduction, Methods; analysis, Conclusion and Reference. You should also be sure of the resources you will utilize. A proper outline simplifies the task.

  • The Introduction – Here, you should emphasize the pertinent points that revolve around the topic and also why you have chosen the topic for your work. You will need to place specific terms that define the paper. Make sure that you do the in-text citation to explain the terms as also refer the quotes and tiles.

  • The methods – This is written in 3rd person and in serialized order. You explain the method and also mention the number of respondents involved. You then give the way the method is conducted and how the response is.

  • The analysis – Here, you elaborate on the findings of the methods and how these accentuate your belief in the topical theme. This may be written in 1st person, but you should not make it too personal. Also, you use a thesis statement in the introduction which you have to strengthen and affirm at intervals.

  • The sequence – A formatted paper is sequential and keeps an authentic aspect. Your points and segments should not seem unwieldy, disconnected and disoriented. There has to be a systematic flow between the segments so the readers can associate with the paper in whole.

  • The conclusion – Here, you have to bid adieu to any indecisiveness and insecurity. You have to come out strongly and assuredly. Leave the speculations in the lumber room and assert your perspective in bold print.

  • The reference – The books and authors that you have referred to should be alluded to in hierarchy, abiding by the APA guidelines. The books, authors (last name, first name and middle initials), the year of publication and pages or the page range should be placed. You should then go on to journals, newspapers and web extracts.

A last glance

You should proofread the paper to make sure that you have not erred anywhere with the format. You can of course take guidance from APA samples. It would be better to check out papers written in your chosen subject.

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