5 Great Suggestions On How To Compose A Research Paper On Freedom Of Speech

In the modern society, people are valuing the freedom of speech. However, there are still countries where this practice is not exercised; people are under constant surveillance and are controlled by the government. This is obviously a shame and it really hurts the one involved. However, this is just one of the many different governmental ideology. In the Western world, freedom of speech is an essential component to society and it cannot be take away. When you are doing your degree, you might be asked to compose a research paper based on freedom of speech. The topic is so big and you might be struggling to get the right ideas, so here are some good ideas for you to write the perfect research paper:

  • Research everything you need
  • This is the most essential step and you should do it first. Go on the Internet or the library and read through books to see what you can find. In a research paper, you are required to find out different ideas and theories, so it would be a good idea for you to see what people have to say first. Try and make notes as well when you see some important points.

  • Apply personal experience
  • A huge part to writing a research paper is to apply your personal experience – you could talk about what it is like to have or to not have freedom of speech. Obviously, this should only be a small section in your assignment, but it would also strengthen your points. Don’t spend too many words on this!

  • Get help from lecturer
  • There is no doubt that you will be less experienced than your lecturer, but there is nothing to worry about. You can go and ask them and see what they have to say. Getting their insights would certainly help with your research paper and that’s exactly what you want!

  • Interview people
  • Find a small sample of people and interview them. If you wish, you could simply ask them to do a questionnaire, though you wouldn’t get detailed answers. Asking people what they think of this topic would prove that you are doing some primary research and you can present your findings as well!

  • Compare it with literature
  • There is a good chance that your findings will differ from the literature. That’s not a problem at all and you can compare them. State why they are different and what could have caused it.

Hope you can write a brilliant research paper with the help of this guide!

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