15 Catchy Economic Research Paper Topics for College Students

Every economics student will have to deal with research papers throughout the course. The most difficult part is choosing the topic. The difficulty lies in ideas that are too vague or topics that are not related to economics. Choosing the right title generates the interest required to earn you a good mark. It will capture the attention of your reader and generate interest around the issue you are handling. Wording is also important because it assigns weight to an issue depending on whether it is used as a subject or object in the topic sentence.

How to I choose a topic?

Each economics class covers a particular sector, geographical region or historical era. These are essential pointers of what is expected in your research paper. A unit on agriculture economics requires a student to select a topic based on agriculture. In the same light, if the course is about international economics, it would be erroneous to choose a topic whose scope is national or regional. The bottom line is a topic that is relevant to your course.

The topic must indicate the nature of your research paper. This means that if the paper is argumentative, descriptive, informative, etc, this should be reflected on the title. Choose a fresh idea that has not been explored or adapt a perspective that opens up new areas of discussion. This ensures that your paper is interesting to read.

The most unique economics research paper topics

  1. Industrialization and population trends
  2. Non academic factors in academic performance
  3. Energy sector liberalization and its impact on economic activities in different sectors
  4. The economics of leisure: Focus on the sports industry
  5. Health care policies with the greatest economic advantage
  6. The two faces of reducing global oil prices
  7. The economic impact of a growing single parenting trend
  8. The economics of green energy
  9. Post graduate qualifications and relative workplace output
  10. Commuting dynamics and their impact on individual workplace performance
  11. The motivation factor in commission based salaries
  12. Financial aid and its impact on growing economies
  13. Religion, race, income and gender in relation to charity donations
  14. Credit card incentive packages and their impact on borrowing by consumers
  15. The health advantage of addictive beverages

Every topic must indicate the boundaries that the research paper adheres to. The paper must also stick to the confines of the topic during discussion.

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