10 Sample Term Paper Topics For College Students: Get Some Inspiration

College students feel they are the most bogged down race. They need to be continually busy with their studies and even complete their term papers. Thus, they require assertions to inspire them. Therein is created a necessity for inspirational topics.

Here are ten examples of inspirational term paper topics –

  1. Discuss how to solve the global energy crisis – Global warming and non-renewable resources have planked upon us the global energy crisis. Discuss ways to solve it in your term paper.
  2. Discuss how to find the right way to channel economy so that poverty can be eradicated – In order to eradicate poverty; money has to find a way to cross the barrier and land into the lap of the poor. Elaborate on how to achieve the unachievable.
  3. Nuclear Arms and how they spread terror in order to keep things peaceful – They say, love cannot emerge without fear. Discuss nuclear arms in this context with statistics and popular notions.
  4. Place breakthrough steps which may be taken to galvanize the education system – Global education system has ever been in need of a fillip; a springboard. Discuss ways to make education more convenient, less burdensome and downright exciting.
  5. Discuss how a balance can be created between industrialism and agrarianism – The world has shifted from an agrarian setup into an industrial one. While agriculture still plays a part, its contribution has been muted. Discuss how to balance them in your term paper.
  6. Offer insight into the gradual uplifting of rural areas – The world may have advanced by leaps and bounds but the same cannot be said about rural zones of different countries. Discuss ways to enable that.
  7. Discuss rehabilitation plans that may change the core of even hardened criminals – In the light of banning corporal punishment, think of ways to change the mindset of even the hardened criminals. This may be an eye-opener if well-written.
  8. An insight into the dichotomy of economy and politics – Economy and Politics have by nature, been the teddy bears of the rich and powerful. Discuss how to change the gradient through your term paper.
  9. Are we doing the right thing by replacing humans with machines? – Thanks to the technological advancements, need for humans is fast getting obliterated; especially in the labor regime. Discuss the ethicality of this quotient.
  10. Elaborate on a perfect ecological model – A perfect ecological model is where all species breed and thrive and live in perfect environment. Let your term paper shed light as to how that can be created.
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