A List Of Simple Research Paper Topics In English Literature

If you are tasked with writing a literature paper, it is important to understand what makes a good topic. Some of the best topics that you can select are those which originate from your reading. If you are struggling to come up with a good topic, consider the following. But remember that these are meant only as a guideline and should not be something that you use verbatim, unless the verbatim suggestion aligns perfectly with your requirements:

  • Discuss a character within the piece you are reading. Review whether the character is based on a historical person, whether the character is intended to be symbolic, or whether the character was a realistic character in your mind.
  • Compare or contrast the choices that different characters made within a single work, or the different writing choices that different authors made, using the literature you are currently assigned as one of the two.
  • Consider whether one of the works is based on some exterior philosophical perspective. Write about how someone such as Freud might review a piece like Hamlet.
  • Write about whether there are historical events or sources that align with the work. You can write distinctly about an event that does in fact align with your work, such as comparing the myth of Pygmalion to the work done by G.B. Shaw.
  • Write about whether there is a specific piece of imagery which occurs throughout your piece of literature and other pieces of literature. The use of the moon as imagery might be something that occurs throughout multiple writing pieces.
  • Write about how a particular work is deconstructed. You could, for example, take the work Heart of Darkness and unfold the different elements of race included within it or the worldviews that are presented.
  • Write about how a work is read from a political perspective. Even if the work you are assigned is not an outright political piece, there may still exist political undertones which you use to better understand the work. Perhaps you can view the piece “London” written by William Blake through the perspective of Marxism. Try looking at your literature through the eyes of a feminist and look for things that ebb and flow with the feminist philosophy.
  • Review the political context in which your piece of literature was written, or even the social context or economic context and specifically analyze how that context influenced the work you are reading.
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