Creating a perfect research paper conclusion: 5 helpful tips

Okay, so you have spent what probably feels like an eternity working on your research paper. You have nailed your argument and have managed to craft a really compelling introduction. It is understandable that you might be feeling slightly overwhelmed by this point and wondering just how on earth you are going to muster up the strength to write a meaningful conclusion.

You have probably figured that there has been a formula to the entire process so far. Writing the conclusion is no different. If you follow these 5 helpful tips then you are guaranteed to produce a winner:

Do it as part of your initial outline

Because you know that it is going to require some substance it can be very tempting to deliberately overlook the conclusion when drafting your initial outline. That is usually a mistake. Getting “something” down in the early stages even if you know it is going to require major revision is psychologically way better than treating it as if it is the elephant in the room.

Make sure you tie up all of the loose ends…neatly

The purpose of your conclusion is to wrap up all of the different strands that you have introduced throughout your assignment and tie them neatly up so that everything is explained. It is NOT the time to be introducing new elements. This is the home run and you want it to be smooth rather than jumpy.

Validate your research paper

Your work doesn’t have to be groundbreaking. Realistically, it is not going to be unless you have somehow managed to strike gold. Your teacher is not looking for earth shattering findings. They simply want to know that you can write an effective paper from start to finish without making any silly mistakes.

Don’t try and be clever

The conclusion is not the time to attempt to be clever or to try and produce something revolutionary out of the bag. A good, solid performance is what is required. It is very easy to get carried away on a euphoric crescendo. You are nearly there. Stay on message and focus.


Relax, you are nearly there. There is nothing that you cannot achieve at this point. Just take however much time you need to ensure that you get the job done. Another day or two out of your life at this stage really doesn’t matter on the grand scheme of things. Just make sure that you get it right!

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