Creating A Winning Research Paper On Study Habits: Tips And Tricks

Writing a research paper is one of the most important things you will have to do before you get a degree. There are various topics you can work on but the idea has to be unique and fresh. A good topic will help you write an impressive paper and get good grades. Study habits is one of the most interesting topics to work on as it will genuinely intrigue your professor to know how the students do their homework and at the same time pique the interest of other readers. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you do it.

Decide on the angel to work on

‘Study habits’ is not a very vast area even then you will have to select on the angle you wish to work with. There can be quite a few perspectives when it comes to study habits. You can write a general paper on different kind of study habits and the grades these students get. You can link it with the economic background of the student or how the parents influence the study habits. You can also write a paper on what measures a student can take to improve his chances by developing his study habits.

Helpful suggestions on writing a dissertation:

  • - Once you have decided on the topic, you will have to start working on the paper. You will have to collect a lot of data. Do ample research and digging. You can get a lot of information by reading some of the survey results.
  • - Depending on the topic you are going to do, you will have to take a lot of interviews and surveys. So it is better you prepare the script for these interviews and decide on how you are going to conduct the survey. Depending on the audience you can do it online through social networking or you can also ask some of the students from your college to help you out and then do it manually.
  • - Once you have all the facts including the survey results and interviews you can start with the planning. Take a few sample templates so that you know what the format is and then prepare the first draft.
  • - Once you have the first draft, go through it several times, work on it, and keep adding and removing information till it becomes perfect.
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