Food Delivery Systems: Management Skills and Entrepreneurship

How the new venture will depend upon defined critical factors

There are several factors that the success of this venture will depend on. These include the advertising and awareness consumers have of the service. The availability of restaurants and catering services to actively participate in the service is also imperative in order to be competitive amongst other organization providing similar service models. Pricing of food items being comparable to other sites, and the perceived value of the service amongst consumers interested in benefiting from it.

Advertising and awareness of the service is crucial to gain the necessary traffic to the website and mobile application and create the volume of sales necessary to keep Holistic Food Delivery Systems viable and growing. Since many organizations advertise on train platforms, bus routes and other visual advertising it will be necessary for the website to demonstrate significant efforts towards cultivating brand awareness and recognition. This will be implemented through strategic promotions, discounts for new users, and advertising amongst weight loss community groups. Further, an online presence will allow for more distribution and potentially targeting of consumers who already use similar services for meal preparation or delivery on a regular basis.

Another critical factor that will differentiate this service from others, is the ease of use and ability for the algorithms in place to properly quantify the user’s food needs and preferences. Initially, it would be beneficial for the app to categorize several predetermined profiles that an individual can select to benefit their particular needs. However, over time, the system must document the user’s food behavior and create unique recommendations at the right time and for the right products. If the user can receive meal recommendations that are pertinent to them and provide the best nourishment, it is possible for dietary needs to be met and for their entire food thinking process to be cared for. Otherwise, if recommendations happen at an inconvenient time, or with suggestions inapplicable to their tastes, it is possible the application may not be perceived as useful to the particular individual. Therefore the integrity and beneficence of such notification and reminder systems is a critical factor to the success of this product and the competitive advantage it has over other products and services delivering food options to customers in a convenient way.

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