Composing A Good Research Paper Title: The Essentials

The title plays one of the key roles in a research paper. The majority of students consider that creating a title isn’t difficult, but this is a mistake. The title of your paper should be understandable and descriptive. It’s advisable for you to think carefully and come up with a proper title for your paper. This article contains good tips that will help you compose a decent title.

  1. Make the title catchy and simple.
  2. When looking at the title, readers should understand what to expect from your work. The title should look clear and simple. It’s advisable to use active verbs that will grab the attention of your readers. You shouldn’t add plenty of details, because you’ll be able to do this further in your research paper. The title shouldn’t be longer than ten or twelve words. This will make it long enough to mention necessary details. Longer titles might confuse your readers.

  3. Don’t use abbreviations and jargon.
  4. Even if your paper has a very narrow scientific topic, it’s advisable to use terms that anyone will understand. Not only scientists may want to read your work. If ordinary people don’t understand what is written in the title, it’s likely that they won’t read a paper. Replace uncommon terms with understandable words and use full names of abbreviations that are known only by a narrow circle of specialists.

  5. Add correct keywords.
  6. If your paper is successful, some other students may use it to write their own works on similar topics. However, if you don’t use appropriate keywords when composing your title, they won’t even find your research paper. It’s necessary to use terms that are relevant to your topic when creating a title. If the only way to do this is to make your title longer than twelve words, you should do it. In this case, a shorter title won’t resemble all the necessary contents, although it’ll be catchier. If you use correct keywords, your paper will be easily found by the others both on the Internet and in your university library. You’ll find it very pleasant to see your paper in the list of references of other students.

  7. Don’t make your title provocative.
  8. You shouldn’t make your title look like a provocative question. However, if this is the only way that you want to present your topic, it’s advisable to add explanation to this question. In this case, your research paper title will look more descriptive and understandable for readers.

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