Simple Ways To Get Free Research Paper Sample Abstracts 

An abstract is a brief outline of what your academic paper will be about. In a limited number of words, you should describe your hypotheses, aims, methods, and the results of research. You should be clear and precise, avoid unnecessary phrases, and choose only those words that add value to the content.

An average abstract does not usually exceed half a page, and it is very difficult to include all necessary information in this length. Only professional writers can compose effective abstracts from scratch. If you are an ordinary student, you may get stuck at the point of creating this section. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem. Try to find several well-written sample abstracts and use them as examples. This trick will help you be effective and you won’t waste your time on rewriting and improving your first copy. Here are some simple ways to come across the sample abstracts for free:

  • Turn to your teacher.
  • Your professor will definitely agree to share a good example of an abstract if you ask. Don’t be shy, teachers are always eager to help, and the sample you get will meet all the criteria of your institution.

  • Ask upperclassmen.
  • Senior students are more experienced in composing abstracts and they probably keep copies of their previous papers. You will only benefit if you obtain such samples. They are likely to include teachers’ remarks, and this is your chance not to make the same mistakes in your own piece of writing.

  • Browse the university website.
  • The best sample works are often available on the websites of schools and universities. The chances are high that you will find an abstract there.

  • Visit the university library.
  • Academic works by previous students are usually stored in the university libraries. These are complete research papers, but, of course, they include abstracts. Ignore all other sections and pay attention only to the needed information. In the library, you may also find useful tutorials on academic writing. The guidelines on how to write an abstract are likely to be illustrated by appropriate examples.

  • Search on the Web.
  • Enter corresponding keywords in your favorite search engine and have a look at the results. Free sample abstracts may be available in the following places:

    • professional writing companies;

    • online libraries and archives;

    • academic writing databases;

    • educational websites;

    • how-to websites, etc.

Not all the samples from the Internet can be relied upon. Free abstracts are likely to be of poor quality. Therefore, use only reputable resources to download the copies.

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