How To Get A Good Sample Research Paper On Serial Killers

It is not unusual for students too often base their research papers on serial killers. After all, they make great subjects. Whether you are a psychology major or an aspiring criminology expert, you will need reliable sources and relevant examples if you want to compose a good paper on serial killers. Here is a list:

How to get a good sample research paper on serial killers

One of the first suggestions that you should take is to look for individual information before you set out to look for other sources. The main reason for doing so is so you would have a new, authentic angle to your work. Existing studies would have a set point of view in mind, and all data that comprise them will aim towards a result that may or may not be parallel to your own thoughts. Thus, first look for sources that give you reliable, original information on your topic, and proceed to hunt for compiled data.

  • Books: Fortunately for you, there have been ample of books written on the psychology of crime and serial killers alike. Therefore, you should not have to look any further than published written matter when looking for the substantial matter. However, make sure you credit all your sources in the final work, or else it could be chalked up to plagiarism.
  • Psychology/Crime Journals: These are periodicals published on a monthly, bi-weekly, or even a bimonthly basis. Psychology/crime journals are a good option to start looking for research papers on serial killers, as the latter make good topics for Ph.D. students and doctors alike.
  • Blogs: Blogs are one of the best sources to look for information on serial killers. People all around the world write about them, not only out of academic interest but also as a hobby. Thus, you may be able to get unique angles for your research. Additionally, many of these blogs also talk about possible alternatives, conspiracy theories, and evidence analysis, which could make for very interesting themes for your own paper.
  • Essay Websites: Though you should save these as a last resort, you can turn to essay websites if all else fails. They have a huge database which is continuously replenished with new entries. Thus, you may gain access to thousands of research papers on serial killers at very little to no cost, which comes in handy when you do not have enough money to buy books and journals.
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