Looking For A Research Paper Example On Human Trafficking

This topic may not be as simple as you think when compared to other common titles of recent studies. There is a need to conduct an investigative study on the issue because the problem has indeed separated helpless victims from their grieving families over the years and has claimed a lot of innocent lives of women and children alike. It is now due to time for law enforcements to take the necessary steps in going after illegal syndicates and bring them to the halls of justice to answer for the crimes they have committed. There are still a lot more of them out there who rely on the money they have amassed, for protection and power.

The student or proponent of this study should consider looking at the following sources:

  • An international police academy
  • Human trafficking is one of the hottest global issues that a future law enforcer could be interested. A proponent of this study could ask written or verbal permission to go over previous studies about the topic.

  • A prominent or prestigious law school
  • It is very certain that future lawyers will be able to discuss the topic not only in the classrooms but also in their academic studies. As a lawyer, they need to review several national and international laws which have a direct impact on the problem.

  • The Consul General’s office
  • This position or designation is always present in countries where there are other nationalities who are overseas workers. It is impossible that the office asked to look after the welfare of workers has no records or reference that will help them in protecting their clients from illegal recruiters.

  • Labor and employment government agencies
  • The same as with the above-mentioned source, these offices work for the benefit and welfare of workers abroad. A student may approach authorities or employees in these agencies and ask for vital information regarding the issue.

  • Law enforcement agencies
  • The job of these people is to serve and protect people from all walks of life. Either one of them knows the background and nature of human trafficking and could give you first-hand information or provide you with photocopy of a previous case study directly linked to the case.

  • Local and national archives
  • The freedom of information in other countries is not that strong to allow students and researchers to dig deeper into cases like human trafficking. This office could give you a lot of informative records on the issue but consider it only as a reference in writing your research.

No matter how hard it is to conduct this study, you must do your best to visit the suggested places or locations for the vital information that you need. After all, it takes a lot of patience to get what you want in life.

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