7 Things to Remember Before You Buy a Research Paper

When you go online to buy research papers, you want to make your life easier, not complicate it. Learn about the most common obstacles on your way and how to avoid them.

  1. Finding a credible website is possible, but you will need to do a bit of research.
  2. You have probably heard that there are lots of scammers posing as writing websites. Sadly, there is much truth to it. However, you can distinguish an honest service by its age (three years in the market or more), guarantees, and reasonable fees.

  3. The lowest price is not always best.
  4. Promises that are too good to be true are often made by frauds who are not going to write any research paper for you. A trustworthy website would have prices that are about average in the market.

  5. Research paper writing services are rather costly.
  6. As a rule, prices start at $10 per page. The sooner you need your paper completed, the more you will have to pay. To avoid putting too much stress on your budget, order a paper at least a week in advance.

  7. You pay before you get a completed paper.
  8. This is the way all writing websites work. Try to find out as much as possible before you pay. Who is to work on your paper? What academic background and previous experience does he or she have? If the website manager refuses to answer these questions, it might be a sign of a scam or low-quality service.

  9. Your writer might need a bit of your assistance.
  10. Some sources you need to use in your research paper might be available nowhere but from your university library, or from you directly (e. g. your class notes). Be ready to provide such materials at the writer’s request – or just attach them to your order beforehand.

  11. 100% anti-plagiarism guarantees are actually 99%.
  12. Even if you use a credible service, there is always room for accidental plagiarism. Your writer might have paraphrased a source too closely, or used too many quotes. After you receive the paper, check it with a free anti-plagiarism tool. Have the writer revise it if needed.

  13. You might get dependent on writing services.
  14. By buying a paper, you save time today but make it more difficult for you to complete similar assignments tomorrow. You do not develop the skills your professors – and future employers – would expect you to possess. Writing services are good as a one-time resort, but using them regularly can be destructive to your career.

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