7 Interesting Ideas For College Term Papers In Geography

Geography is a fascinating subject with numerous topics for college term papers, so choosing one may be a bit daunting. If you need a bit of help choosing an interesting idea for your college term paper in geography, have a look at this list for some inspiration.

  • Political geography
  • Political geography is concerned with the study of how people across the world have formed different political groups, and how these groups interact with each other. You could write your term paper about the history of political geography, prominent political geographers, or even how the field of critical political geography has developed alongside ordinary political geography.

  • Human geography
  • Human geography is one of the two major branches of geography, and is concerned with the world, people, cultures, and how different cultural groups interact with one another across the globe. Here you could write about human geography’s history, the methods used in the discipline, or some of the fields of study; such as population or settlement.

  • Different techniques used in geography
  • Geography as a field of study makes use of a number of different techniques; including remote sensing, cartography and geographic information systems. You can write your paper about one or more of these different techniques, or you could choose two to compare and contrast.

  • Geomatics
  • Geomatics involves collecting, processing, storing and distributing geographic information to those who need it. Here you can write about the different applications of Geomatics, such as urban planning or disaster informatics.

  • Cartography
  • Cartography involves making and studying maps, and is an important part of geography. There are many interesting topics to choose from, such as the history of cartography, different types of maps or even the rules of cartography. Perhaps you could write about a famous cartographer or map.

  • Famous geographers
  • There have been many famous geographers throughout history, and you can do your college term paper about one of them. Perhaps you can write about David Harvey or Ptolemy. Or you can choose two geographers who were very different in some way and compare and contrast them.

  • Physical geography
  • Physical geography is the other major branch of geography and is the study of courses and patterns in the natural environment, like the biosphere or hydrosphere. Topics you can write your term paper about include its history or its sub disciplines, such as oceanography or meteorology.

Hopefully, these seven ideas have helped you choose a great topic for your college geography term paper.

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